I Never believed in specialty until 19th DECEMBER 2007. Claire Rawlinson, A 22year Old Lady From South Wales have Been My Online Chat-Mate For the past 1year, I had spent a lot on Cyber Cafe just to chat with her, We Chat Everyday But, She Never
sent me a text on my phone, NOT Even Once.
But on one FATEFUL Morning, She Finally Did! I
knew Something Was Wrong, I was Right.

She has not been online for 9days Now, all effort to communicate with her had proven abortive, and I missed her, So , I rushed to my Nokia N70 phone, she sent 3 MMS, I Opened them one after the other and It Read..

”Dear Gideon, You Have Been A Good Friend, Even From Far away Nigeria. I was hoping to call to see and thank you specially someday but I might never do, I’m Writing this in Tears..I just returned from London from, where we went to bury my uncle, You Know Him [Robert derby shire] He died Gideon!

I am Leaving Wales now, The County Confiscated everything because Uncle Incurred Several Debts. I took These words from The West Minister Abbey after we went to bury him. These are Words specially for You: ”These words are inscribed in the tomb of an ANGLICAN BISHOP [1100AD] in The Westminster abbey,the tomb were all of British
great souls are buried in central London]:

“When I was young and free, and my imaginations had no limits, I dreamed of changing d WORLD. As I grew older and wiser,I discovered d WORLD would NOT CHANGE , So, I shortened my sights somewhat
and decided to change only my COUNTRY,but it seemed IMMOVABLE. As I grew into my twilight years,in one Last DESPERATE attempt,I settled for changing only my FAMILY,those closest to me,BUT Alas! They too would have none of it. And now,as I lie on my death bed, I suddenly realized: If only
I had changed myself first, then by example, I would have changed my FAMILY. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would have been able to better my COUNTRY and who knows,I may have even changed the WORLD!”. Goodbye Gideon, My Good friend… CLAIRE RAWLINSON.

HER words Touched My Heart and changed My Life and I concluded: ”We cannot restore integrity and morality into our society, until each of us singly and
individually take responsibility for our actions”—Implying that In a bid to CHANGE The WORLD, We have to CHANGE OURSELVES.. CHANGE Is The Only Constant Thing In Life And It Begins With You. GIBSOON.

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